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Some best practice.


Use unique and meaningful names for your Keys (like your package-Name) e.g.: "com/mycompany/myapp/myKeyForNumberFormatting"

Or at least your AppName: e.g.: "MyPowerApp/myKeyForTheFormularToSolvingEveryThing"

What SHOULD be configured with Settings4j

Applikation specific configurations like third part Server adresses.

  • Datasource (Settings4j supports also environments without JNDI-Context)
  • Webservice URLs
  • Filesystem paths (e.g.: import/export of Files or temporary usage)
  • system mail addresses (e.g.: customer service mail address)

Everything who should be differ from Development-, Testing- and Production-System, but changes never (or at least rarely) after deploying.

What SHOULD NOT be configured with Settings4j

Webapp-User specific configurations like personal preferences have nothing to do with settings4j !