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Release History

Version Date Description
2.1 2016-?? settings4j 2.1 - Requires JDK 6 or above.
2.0.3 2015-09-24 settings4j 2.0.3 - improved PropertyFileConnector
2.0.2 2015-09-08 settings4j 2.0.2 - migration to GitHub; No feature changes
2.0.1 2014-07-04 settings4j 2.0.1 - improved JNDI Connector
2.0 2014-07-02 settings4j 2.0 - Requires JDK 1.5 or above.
1.0 2013-05-20 First Release of settings4j. Requires JDK 1.4 or above.
1.0-beta6 2012-07-01 Add Settings4jContextLoader (Spring) and DefaultPropertiesLoader for web.xml
1.0-beta5 2011-12-24 Add PreferenciesConnector and Settings4jPlaceholderConfigurer
1.0-beta4 2011-04-21 First Version on Maven Central Repository
1.0-beta3 2011-04-08 Release Candidate
1.0.0-beta2 2010 refactored Version
1.0.0-beta 2008-07-06 release with improved features
1.0.0-alpha 2008-05-12 release with rudimentary features
0.0.1-alpha 2008-03 The beginning

Release 2.1 – 2016-??

Type Changes By
Update update dependency and plugin versions. brabenetz
Update update default settings4j.xml: add EnvironmentConnector before PreferencesConnector. brabenetz
Update update default settings4j.xml: add EnvironmentConnector before PreferencesConnector. brabenetz
Update improve EnvironmentConnector: Also check for the UpperCase version of the key. brabenetz
Update update minimum requirement to JDK 6. brabenetz
Remove remove deprecated method: PropertyFileConnector.setPropertyFromContent(...) brabenetz
Remove remove deprecated classe: Settings4jContextLoader, Settings4jContextLoaderListener brabenetz

Release 2.0.3 – 2015-09-24

Type Changes By
Update Refactor AbstractPropertyConnector: replace abstract method getProperty(String, String) by getString(String) from the Connector interface. brabenetz
Update Improve PropertyFileConnector: Add parameter "resolveRelativePaths" brabenetz

Release 2.0.2 – 2015-09-08

Type Changes By
Update update JUnit Tests: replace old JUnit 3.x style with JUnit 4 style. brabenetz
Update improve TestCoverage brabenetz
Update add animal-sniffer-maven-plugin for JDK5 compatible check. brabenetz
Update update JavaDoc for Java 8 validation brabenetz
Update update dependency- and plugin-versions. brabenetz
Update migrate sources to GitHub and update pom.xml. brabenetz

Release 2.0.1 – 2014-07-04

Type Changes By
Update improve JNDIConnector: add TestCases, add JavaDoc and fix implementation: This JNDI Connector should first check if a value for "contextPathPrefix + key" exists and second if a value for the "key" only exists. brabenetz

Release 2.0 – 2014-07-02

Type Changes By
Add Add ConfigurationToConnectorAdapter for Apache Commons Configuration. Now all Configuration implementations from commons-configuration can be used for Settings4j. brabenetz
Add Add implementation for Settings4jInstance#addConnector(Connector, ConnectorPosition). Used like: addConnector(myConnector, ConnectorPositions.atFirst()) brabenetz
Update replace dependency commons logging with slf4j-api. brabenetz
Update replace dependency commons-lang with commons-lang3. brabenetz
Update replace dependency commons-collections with commons-collections4. brabenetz
Update update dependencies which works with JDK5 like Spring 3.x. brabenetz
Update Use Generics for Collections like Settings4j.getConnectors(). brabenetz

Release 1.0 – 2013-05-20

Type Changes By
Remove Remove Database Connector and DAO. This is most likely Project specific brabenetz
Update Improve PropertyFileConnector: Add JavaDoc and add additional setter "propertyFromPath" for configuration. brabenetz

Release 1.0-beta6 – 2012-07-01

Type Changes By
Add add Log4jConfigurationLoader and Listener for web.xml. Each WebApp in your Servlet Container can have its own log4.xml configuration. brabenetz
Add improve JavaDoc. brabenetz
Update update Default settings4j.xml configuration: Add FSContentResolver and add SpringConfigObjectReolver. brabenetz
Add add Settings4jContextLoader and Listener for web.xml (Configurable SpringContext in webapps) brabenetz
Add add DefaultPropertiesLoader and Listener for web.xml brabenetz

Release 1.0-beta5 – 2011-12-24

Type Changes By
Add add Settings4jPlaceholderConfigurer for Springframework. brabenetz
Add add Preferences Connector brabenetz

Release 1.0-beta4 – 2011-04-21

Type Changes By
Update update distributionManagement to sonatype-nexus. will be synched to the public maven central repo. brabenetz

Release 1.0-beta3 – 2011-04-08

Type Changes By
Update update JNDIConnector: disable Connector if no JNDI Context is available. brabenetz
Update remove property-write feature to simplify the API. brabenetz
Update extended JavaDoc and UnitTests brabenetz

Release 1.0.0-beta2 – 2010

Type Changes By
Remove Remove Hirachical Structure. (it works, but without it, the usage is much simpler.) brabenetz
Update Change of the Settings interface: setXXX(key, value) to: setXXX(key, value, connectorName) brabenetz
Add Add Filter to Connectors, ContentResolver and ObjectResolvers brabenetz
Add Add additional method: getConnectors() returns all Connectors brabenetz
Add Add additional method: getConnector(ConnectorName) return the Connector for the given Name. brabenetz
Remove remove cached attribute in settings4j.xml brabenetz
Add add singleton attribute to the Object-Resolver in settings4j.xml brabenetz
Add additional Connector to Environment Variables brabenetz
Add additional Connector to Preferences Variables: Preferences.systemRoot() and Preferences.userRoot() brabenetz

Release 1.0.0-beta – 2008-07-06

Type Changes By
Add Object-Resolver implementations with java.beans.XMLEncoder and XMLDecoder brabenetz
Add Object-Resolver implementations with (readonly, an object can only be set with setContent) brabenetz
Add A DB-Connector implemented with Hibernate, configurable with Settings4j over SystemProperties or JNDI-Envirenment-Variables. brabenetz
Add settings4j.xml: addictive="false" if no heredity of connectors are being requested. brabenetz
Add settings4j.xml: cached="true" A Wrapper for Settings, Connectors and ObjectResolvers to cache all requests. brabenetz
Add mappings configured in settings4j.xml: map one key to an other Key. brabenetz

Release 1.0.0-alpha – 2008-05-12

Type Changes By
Add Automatically read settings4j.xml from classpath if available brabenetz
Add Simple Default fall back Configuration if no settings4j.xml is found. brabenetz
Add Hirachical Structure in settings4j.xml like log4j brabenetz
Add Main Connector-Implementations: for SystemProperties, Classpath, JNDI-Context, PropertyFile brabenetz

Release 0.0.1-alpha – 2008-03

Type Changes By
Add The beginning Fixes roadmapTheBeginning. brabenetz