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Release History

Version Date Description
1.0-beta4 2019-09-21 Beta 4 - Add External Configuration similar to Spring-Boot
1.0-beta3 2019-09-09 Beta 3 - Add SpringBoot-Example
1.0-beta2 2016-11-06 Beta 2 - Add Salt implementation
1.0-beta1 2016-11-01 Beta 1

Release 1.0-beta4 – 2019-09-21

Type Changes By Date
Add Split method getSecretValue(...) into getSecretValue(...) and encryptNonEncryptedValues(). brabenetz 2019-09-15
Add Implement new way to configure SecuredPropertiesConfig via Environment-Properties, System-Properties, and Property-Files. brabenetz 2019-09-14

Release 1.0-beta3 – 2019-09-09

Type Changes By Date
Add Small improvements, and update documentation how to use it with Spring-Boot. brabenetz 2019-09-09

Release 1.0-beta2 – 2016-11-06

Type Changes By Date
Add Add Salt implementation brabenetz 2016-11-05
Update Change behavior: check first the secured key path from the properties file (custom key), then the custom secured key file (overwrites the default) and then the default path %USER_HOME%/.secret/securedProperties.key brabenetz 2016-11-05
Remove remove behavior: remove getting password from System Properties (can and should be done outside of secured-properties) brabenetz 2016-11-05

Release 1.0-beta1 – 2016-11-01

Type Changes By Date
Add The beginning brabenetz 2016-10-26